3 Tips for Beating the Crowds

There are several large, must-see events to consider while attending the NAR Annual Conference. Here are a few quick tips on beating the rush and how to avoid drowning in the sea of humanity.

1. Expo Grand Opening (Friday 11/9, 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.) – If you are not FIRST in line at the opening of the Expo, don’t bother trying to squeeze as close to the front as you can. The scene is sometimes like the Midnight Madness sale on Black Friday; you could get trampled if you are not careful. Instead, lag back behind the main crowd. Then once you make it through the doors, head to either the one vendor you want to see the most or to the back of the room and work your way forward.

2. Universal Studios (Friday evening) – No need to be on the first shuttle over to the park, but if you sit in the back of the General Session, you can be first in line at the shuttle. If the lines are long, find something to do for a half hour and let the crowd thin. The park is open for several hours and lines are modest at the rides compared to other times at Universal. You will have plenty of time for fun.

3. General Session (Saturday 11/10, 3:45 to 6:00 p.m.) – The room will be huge, so no need to worry about getting a seat. The real trick is exiting the event. People arrive gradually and then all leave at the same time. Tip: sit in the back and watch the show on the many monitors. Unless you are very close to the front, the monitors will be your best viewing pleasure and you can make a quick escape at the end.

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