Discover Your Magic 5k Race Recap

Sunny South Florida proved to be a little brutal early this morning when the racers lined up at Hilton hotel for the 5k. Being a Florida native, this cold weather always catches me by surprise. Thank goodness I packed long sleeved running gear.

A few months back, when signing up for convention, I was pleased to see that there was a 5k, so I have spent the past few weeks running in the morning with the goal to get faster and potentially win my age bracket.

When I arrived, racers were huddle up with cups of coffee to keep their hands warm, while others were stretching their limbs to prepare for the 3.1 mile event.

It was definitely inspiring to see all those REALTORS® joined together in their running gear and green race shirts. We all work together, sharing stories and advice, but being outside out in the cold definitely gave our group an extra special memory to take home.

The announcer made the call for the racers to line up. I bid my girlfriends farewell and sneaked my way towards the front of the line. The countdown started and we were off! Whoa, was it chilly! As we started out in a grassy patch and headed towards pavement and sunshine, I curled my hands up in my sleeves, turned up my iPod, and started in to a pretty good rhythm.

We went through the mini-golf course of the hotel (not a fan of the sharp corners), along International Drive, and before I knew it I was passing mile one. Around one and a half miles we circled back and were passing by the later half of the group. There were runners with matching shirts, walkers moving along quickly, but everyone looked to be really enjoying themselves.

Back towards the finish after mile two I started to feel a bit queasy. I think the mental pressure of wanting to run to win was pushing me to run faster than I typically do, and my body was letting me know that it wasn’t up for this cold weather and fast movement. Looping back through the mini golf course I seriously felt like I was going to hurl, but a good song on my iPod kept me going.

A few times I thought maybe I could just slow it down and walk through the finish line, but there it was…I could see it in the distance! To my surprise, the announcer was calling everyone’s names as we made it through the finish line, and boy did it feel great to pass through and finish.

We stood around in the sunshine drinking water and cheering on the rest of the racers as they came through. And I did make my goal: number one for my age bracket and number 23 out of all the racers! Our group celebrated by having an indulgent breakfast at McDonalds with the rationalization that, “Hey, we just ran 3 miles. We earned this!”

I look forward to seeing my fellow runners wearing their race shirts on Spirit Day this Friday.

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2 Responses to “Discover Your Magic 5k Race Recap”

  1. Patty Vanyo says:

    Congratulations! Take advantage of good knees to run while you still can. I admire everyone’s tenacity–it was c-o-l-d, but at least no rain for your 5K. Thanks for sharing your experience. Hope to see you at the conference.

  2. Dixie Wong says:

    Congratulations! See you Sunday!