Fill Our Minds with Concrete

Here’s to jumping right in. I want one thing from this upcoming NAR Conference & Expo: palpable lessons. I want the solutions, both for REALTORS® and for association folk like myself, to be concrete slabs of brain power.

While this is my first NAR Annual, I’m beyond the novice phase of conventioning. Ever sit through session after session, feeling yourself getting pumped up and motivated to go out and rock your business, only to find you’re not really sure where to start? That’s because so many of these member meetups and tech trysts are vapid when it comes to usable content. I understand why, though. You have a large group of people with different needs and you wonder how to communicate with all of them. It’s not an easy task, granted. What works for one person doesn’t work for all…and so forth.

Nevertheless, I’m extending a challenge. I challenge you, NAR Conference & Expo, to fill our minds with concrete. Speakers, give us things we can put into practice.

I have full confidence this challenge will be met. And I’ll be here to provide commentary on the experience, all the way through. Stay tuned.

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