Leadership…Finding Your Replacement

Serving on the NAR Leadership Academy Advisory Board has allowed me the opportunity to be a part of each class over the last year. It is encouraging to me to see the future leaders of our organization in their very early stages. People are inspiring! The first meeting of the 2013 class occured on Wednesday before the conference and they were shown the ropes of possible leadership.

But before you start your leadership journey, you have to find your successor. I know it sounds backwards, but it’s actually not if you are forward in your thinking.

DJ Snapp (Vice President & Liaison to Committees) spoke to the Leadership Academy participants and opened up with the statement “The first rule of being a leader…Find your replacement.” What he was saying was that leadership cycles through, and the current leader of this association will not be in the position forever.

Therefore, as a leader, keep your ideas going by finding a person with leadership qualities to follow through after your year is up. Look around at your colleagues. Who do you work well with? Who can be a successor that you can train yourself with? If consistency is key in order for an Association to run smoothly, then why not collaborate?

NAR Leadership Academy is a huge opportunity, especially if you have a desire to move the Association forward. It meets throughout a six- month period to establish and train the best people for a possible position in leadership. It’s an application process, and if you think you’ve got the chops for the job, then consider applying now. Send an email to Bobbie Albrecht (, NAR Staff requesting an application.

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