Mining for Mentors

Rising rapidly as a success tool for new real estate agents is the use of mentors. This is not a new concept, but one that has picked up steam in recent years. NAR’s Annual meeting is a great place to mine for mentors because the people who come are the 20% that are doing 80% of the business.

So, how do you find a mentor at NAR’s Annual meeting? Just keep your eyes open and watch the people in meetings, education sessions, and social events. Most of us won’t even think about walking up to a stranger and saying, “You seem to be successful, will you mentor me?” That’s not what I’m suggesting you do.

You need to look for connections such as franchise affiliation, social media, and even volunteer interests. Push yourself out there and meet new folks and stay open to the idea of finding a mentor.

Here’s the kicker…it is up to you to find your mentor. Very few of us have someone ask to be our mentor, so you can’t wait for it to happen. NAR meetings are a great place because you meet people from outside your area that are willing to share their secrets with you since you are not their competition.

I mentor a few Association Executives, and when they asked me, I was flattered. It is a win-win situation; you get a great learning tool and they get their ego boosted.

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