What Is Your Game Plan?

Are you attending the REALTOR® Conference and Expo in Orlando this year? Then you need to come prepared with a game plan on how you are going take advantage of all the opportunities.

Every year that I have attended, I have a list of “must attend” events or sessions. I am also passionate about making sure that I leave these meetings with a true satisfaction that I have taken advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Education – Learned something new for my business.
  • Networking – Connecting with REALTORS® and Associates on a National and International level.
  • Leadership Growth – A WOW for my continued leadership journey.
  • Referrals – That I gave and hopefully received a referral.

I would love to hear what your game plan is for the REALTOR® Conference and Expo. Reach out via Twitter @REALTORHeather or Facebook. Let’s connect.

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