Make Your Voice Heard

Each year I’m involved with NAR governance, I’ve grow more in awe of the structure that is our organization. It’s a behemoth. Something I have to remember is that anytime you have a million+ members, you can’t just change something overnight. While an issue may appear of grave importance to you (my current hot button issue is data security / privacy of client financial data) it may not even be on the radar of the other million members. This means that putting into place rules, and creating training around those rules, takes time.

I was asked a few years ago to be part of a workgroup to work on federal technology issues for NAR. That group has now turned into a recognized subcommittee of the Business Issues committee. We focus on issues like data security, net neutrality, the spread of broadband Internet, and more. The group is comprised of a wide swath of individuals in technology in real estate: from small brokerage owners to the CIO of a huge franchise. It brings quite a lively discussion at times.

This happens in hundred of meetings in rooms at each NAR Annual convention, and the best part is that anyone can attend almost all meetings and present their issues. So, if you have an issue pressing to your business, come to a meeting and present your issue. Speak to your association execs and find out the appropriate meetings to attend. Don’t just complain, make your voice heard. I can tell you first hand, real change can happen if you are passionate.

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