Opportunities in Troubled Assets

One of the best things that a REALTORĀ® can do is invest in what they are selling, which is also what we believe in…real estate.

The Property Management Forum was fortunate to have Gary Ralston give a presentation on “Opportunities In Troubled Assets,” in which he talked about some of the best places to invest your money in real estate. These types of properties were apartments, retail, industrial and office spaces (to name a few examples), and how they fare in both major and non-major markets.

Underwater mortgages are not selling unless someone forces the sale (foreclosure). He presented a lot of charts and graphs from in regards to CMBS loans (Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities), and provided so much deep content I had a hard time keeping up!

An interesting remark Gary made was that our real estate slump could be compared to that of The Great Depression. This was in regards to how long it would take to recover, as it took eight years for the economy to make a come-back during that time. So I am thinking that by the year 2015, we should be in the clear!

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