Red “R” or Blue “R”?

Our National Association of REALTORS® doesn’t just serve the REALTOR® member that is a residential REALTOR®. It also includes the commercial specialists too, who are also REALTOR® members. The blue “R” logo represents the residential REALTOR® and the red “R” logo is for commercial.

I am a member if the NAR Commercial Committee that met this morning and one of the issues that was brought up was how the commercial members need more involvement in raising the level of the red “R” within the association.

Now I don’t practice commercial real estate, rather I am a residential member that also specializes in property management. Since I serve on the NAR Property Management Forum, I have a seat on the commercial committee. But the commercial members make a valid point. They develop the land that is the gateway to providing residential housing that we residential members list and sell.

There are some big legislative issues that the commercial members fight that are so important as they have a trickle down effect to the residential legislation issues. We are a team and we need to support our commercial members because they fight for real property rights, which is one thing the REALTOR® association is all about. No matter what color your “R” pin is.

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One Response to “Red “R” or Blue “R”?”

  1. Jessica,

    This is a great topic and it’s good to see it being addressed. I’m a practicing specialty commercial broker and have observed over the years that some CRE brokers (especially the corporate brokers or those that work for the big commercial brokerage houses) misunderstand the REALTOR® brand and have associated it with only residential brokerage. Even some commercial REALTORS® are unaware that a commercial logo exists so it’s not placed on their marketing collateral either. However, across the board I think more needs to be done to educate REALTORS®, both residential and commercial, on how to use the membership marks to boost their business and add value to their personal branding programs. I see ads promoting the lapel pin, but there still needs to be more information on how to use the REALTOR® brand. A year ago, I found an NAR flyer that listed several ways to use the REALTOR® brand in one’s business. To date, it’s been a very valuable resource, but I haven’t seen anything like it advertised in my local market or any trade media.