Strategic Planning Committee Wraps Up Engagement Year

This year’s final strategic planning committee focused on the finalization of the engagement year. The SPC has been on a multi-tiered task to create the next strategic plan for NAR. Tier one started cycle under Ron Phipps’ presidency. It was the “learning” year, where the committee worked to educate internally about the project they were about to undertake.

The current cycle has been 12 months of engagement. To date, the SPC has engaged more than 3,000 members through the REThink the Future of Real Estate workshop. At the end of this cycle, more than 20,000 members will be engaged.

Once the engagement and listening time finishes, the “creation” period begins. Members will formulate the next strategic plan for NAR’s next initiatives. Today’s committee focused mainly on discussion of what the year had formulated and accomplished. This year’s committee is chaired by Elizabeth Mendenhall and co-chaired by Shannon King.

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