Taking in the Sights at the NAR Annual Conference

This is the Peabody Hotel as I was hiking over there early yesterday morning. Distances are deceptive since the buildings are so large. Things seem closer because I am not used to the scale of the buildings. It reminds me of Vegas in that regard.

Weather is surprisingly, and refreshingly for me at least, cool. Supposed to rain some this weekend. Not a problem if you ride the bus between buildings. But I like to walk.

The Smart Growth was super. Participants from MA, IL, FL, ID, WA, SD, IA, CO, MD, NY, IN, NC, KS, and TX. People learned a lot from the examples others have experienced. Even after four hours, it could have gone longer for the fun we were having, but attendees needed to get to their next meetings.

There are always events around the conference that are not official events. When I was in local MLS leadership, the MLS providers threw wonderfully big parties. Last night, through my work with the GREEN designation, I headed to a private event at Epcot. Green Builder Media had a dinner at The Vision House for their editors and a few REALTORS®. It was a blast.

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