I’m Fascinated!

When REALTOR® Magazine wrote a preview post for Sally Hogshead’s session, I was immediately intrigued. Her quiz promised to identify my top two personality triggers, and explain how to use them in a way to captivate others. We all want to be fascinating, right?

The seven personality triggers identified are power, prestige, mystique, passion, alarm, rebellion, and trust. Depending on which is primary and which is secondary identifies which personality archetype you are.

Sally took the stage yesterday for the first of two sessions and immediately grabbed the room’s full attention. After a brief introduction, she waded into the crowd and started explaining the archetypes of specific members who volunteered. From the smiles and nods, it was easy to see that the quiz had nailed their personality types. (She asked one volunteer, “Oh, let me guess. Based on your archetype, you probably lose your car keys all the time, don’t you?” Which, of course, was true.) She was half psychologist/sociologist, and half “Mentalist”, and she was on the money.

Diving into the triggers and types, Sally explained how they work together, and which personalities make for compatible, working relationships. She then showed how REALTORS® results compare to the overall quiz results. Not surprisingly, REALTORS® clustered into a few specific archetypes, and mine was one of them. Here’s me, according to the Fascinate quiz:

Your primary trigger is POWER. Even without realizing it, you’re already instinctively applying this trigger when trying to persuade others. Your secondary trigger is PRESTIGE.

Once you understand your own unique combination of personality strengths, you can start to create more influential ideas and messages.

  • Your Primary Trigger: POWER
  • Your Secondary Trigger: PRESTIGE
  • Your Personality Archetype: THE MAESTRO

Hmmm…According to the description on her website, The Maestro “fascinates others with strong and ambitious goals. You’re focused on achieving excellent results, which means that at times, you can be daunting in your pursuits.” Yep, that sounds like me.

And my potential pitfall? Independence. “Dislikes being constrained by someone else’s rules, and prefer setting your own agenda. You tend to believe (often rightly so) that you can do things better yourself.”

Well, yes.

Sally’s dual presentations today gave a taste of how you can use this information to formulate the way that you engage with other people. Want to learn for yourself? You have until November 12 to go to the website below and fill in the code (REALTORS) to take the quiz for free. What archetype are you?

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