The Inaugural Gala

After the reception, a group of us started walking over to the conference center for the Inaugural Gala. Everyone in their tuxedos and beautiful dresses was quite impressive. I attempted to find my friends in the conference room, but due to the number of people attending, I ended up walking around in circles and found nobody. I got a glass of wine and found my table.

It was so luxurious. The company was great, as were the gold napkins wrapped in a glass-shaped diamond. I think the best part of these events is the people you get to meet from all across the world. Everybody you rub shoulders with is so nice and definitely has a passion for getting to know one another. I enjoyed listening to the personal stories as people caught up with one another.

At one point, a lady spilled a few drops of wine on her dress, and someone sitting at the table immediately jumped up to retrieve some club soda to get the wine out of her dress. Impressive. Talk about a true gentleman. REALTORS® are humble.

The food was obviously good, and the dessert was even better. Nom nom.

The program and induction ceremony were impressive. I can’t put my finger on it, but it felt like we were in a Miss America pageant. It was great to put a face to the names I’ve read about in the past. President-Elect Gary Thomas made a simple but heartfelt speech to the crowd, thanking his family and supporters.

One of the highlights was the opportunity to meet and greet everyone after installations were over. I had the chance to shake hands with 2011 NAR Past President Ron Phipps, 2013 NAR President-Elect Gary Thomas, and 2014 NAR President-Elect Steve Brown, along with meeting friends I hadn’t seen in a while, including Ryan Asao, President of the Arcadia Association of REALTORS┬«.

Thank goodness I remembered to bring my business cards! I got a potential client referral that night just by chatting with people and being at the right place at the right time. Woot!

I highly recommend paying for the ticket and attending next year. It was well worth it!

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