Top Tools for Global Profession​als

On Thursday at 8:00 am, I attended the Top Tools for Global Professionals seminar. The coolest part of this seminar was that it was simultaneously translated into French, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish! Attendees at this seminar came from all over the world.

Each region was able to present their current market to the attendees, including what was going on in China, Brazil, Canada, the US, and countries in South America, Asia, and Europe.

The last part was the presentation of all the different types of technology and research available on Reaching out to NAR’s Global Department and taking the CIPS courses help you understand and realize the importance of knowing the global markets.

Here are a few key notes for the US market:

  • Most international buyers buy residential houses near college areas for their child.
  • Purchasers come from Canada (24%), China (11%) and Mexico (8%).
  • International clients spend, on average, $255k on residential houses. 62% paid cash versus the regular US consumer spending $165k.
  • $24 billion increase of real estate was bought from foreigners, with a total of $84 billion of residential dollars spent in the US.

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