A Fun-Filled Weekend at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo

It has been so busy and full of new exciting friends and learning.

Thursday night I was able to get to the Vision House at Epcot and see this great demonstration of practical (and very doable) green and energy efficient building methods. Nothing futuristic! I have seen it all in other places, but here it is all together with a very professional tour guide. A real plus about the event was meeting with all the Green Building Editors from all around the country who were here for their convention. It was their party and we were so graciously invited to join. Food was great too. The cucumber martini was intriguing and definitely green.

Friday morning was the Land Use, Private Property Rights and Environment Committee meeting. I have been on that committee for a few years and it does a tough job dealing with federal laws and regulations that affect our industry. It is a big committee with participants from all over the country. Always fascinating to hear the issues that are brought up. Unfortunately there is a lot of demonizing of government that shows up in the public comments. There is a tough balance to strike between the opportunity lost to some individuals and the public good that government is entrusted to protect. I wish there were more speakers attending that recognized the need for protecting the environment. The need for balance would be more evident to staff and committee members.

Sharon and Ryan arrived early Friday afternoon and we headed over to the expo opening. I think it was an incredible turnout and lots of fun. The future of real estate can sometimes be spotted in the new products that are being promoted on the trade show floor, but the first night is for fun! I stopped by all the booths required to register for the $5,000 drawing, and got my entry in for the new car from Chrysler. I hope this is my year to win!

Afterward we were off to dinner and play at Universal Studios. We joined Jimmy Buffet, or it seemed like we did, at Margaritaville. He was singing to us all during dinner. The “Perfect Margarita” was pretty darn good. I love the REALTORS® Night Out. I have a low tolerance for waiting in line, so the fact that the park was closed to others meant very short lines. Yes, you do get wet on the Jurassic Park ride, and I did wait in line for the Harry Potter Ride. I heard it was the most popular in the world! It took less than an hour that night, though I have been told it can be two and a half on a regular day. My son had no interest so he went off and did a half dozen other rides, including Spider-Man. My hour was worth the wait. The castle and the ride were both awesome.

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