The Marketing Forum: Leveraging the #narannual Hashtag

It was pleasure to present “Raise Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level: Marketing Forum” with Nobu Hata, NAR Director of Digital Engagement. In teaching a class on social media marketing, you need to include social media tools allowing participants to talk to you in real time utilizing the tools. While our session was live and without interruption to other students, we were answering questions online in real time. The #hashtag allowed Nobu and I to group that discuss and answer the questions.

A hashtag (#) allows a word or phrase to be grouped together and found easily with a Google search or direct search in Twitter. Through using the #narannual hashtag, narannual can start to trend, allowing REALTORS® and others globally to engage in the discussion. If the hashtag becomes extremely popular, it will appear as a “Trending Topic” on the individual users’ homepage. In addition, the hashtag allows you to connect with others who share the same interest and can increase your Twitter followers. Through using the hashtag and participating in the discussion, my Twitter followers increased by 49.

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