What Are You Saying? Cross-Generational Literacy

NAR President’s Liaison to Spain Veronica Seva and I headed over to hear Ron Phipps and Matt Phipps speak. It was awesome to see the dynamic of the father/son speaking back and forth, providing real life examples of understanding the differences in how business is conducted. Examples of generational differences working with a buyer or seller were explained as well. The Phipps family are third-generation REALTORS┬«, and differences in how they conduct business are to be expected!

A few notes:

  • Communication is more than “speech” itself.
  • Generational challenges include the need to understand both parties and celebrate differences by embracing them.
  • Personality tests, such as the DISC tests, help understand how to work with your team and clients.
  • If you’re going to disagree with someone, disagree after you acknowledge you’ve understood their point.
  • Understand that there could be generational challenges, including cultural, political, gender, etc.
  • Honesty is valued. Be genuine! People will see right through it if you’re lying!

Imagine my surprise when they called me on stage to speak about cultural differences as well!

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