3 Ways to Sooth Sore Feet

I’ve been doing a lot of walking over the past five days, and many people have questioned my choice of shoes, albeit while admiring them. Note: For those of you who don’t really know me, I love cute shoes, no matter the heel. I am an avid DSW shopper and bargain hunter. Pink, strappy, suede, patent leather…Oh wait, this is a post on soothing sore feet, not on my shoe collection!

Here are my three top ways to help revive my achy, blistered, sore, tired feet after a REALTOR® Conference:

  1. Foot Massage – Definitely a must. If you don’t have someone around that can pamper you with massage, simply grab a tennis ball and roll your foot across the ball from your toes to your heel. This really does work!
  2. Epsom Salts – Sounds old fashioned, but it works! Soaking your feet in warm water, with added Epsom salts, will help heal and re-energize your feet. Or pick your favorite bubble bath and just soak your whole body.
  3. Stretch – Stand up and put as much weight as you can on your tippy toes, then rock back and put all your weight on your heels while reaching your toes up to the sky. You can also do this sitting down by simply pointing and flexing your foot. Be sure to hold each position for about 10 seconds.

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