A Glimpse Behind the Curtain

I had a couple glimpses behind the curtain this conference. I went to visit the Conference Live staff. The NAR staff has a huge room off the main path where they have set up their “home away from home.” Four members of the Conference Live team were hard at work in a curtained-off section of this huge room. It is the field office for all the NAR staff, and there are not many creature comforts there. I appreciate all the staff does to make these events work so well for us, and their gracious in answering all of my questions.

My first event was one of the education sessions. It was one of the “speed networking” sessions. It was early and not many were there, and that was all the better for those that did come. We had time to make new friends from Utah, Chicago, Florida, Bermuda and more! Marki Lemons, a Featured Attendee, was the instructor of this group, and she was great. I love your business card, Marki. It is so you.

Another behind the scenes glimpse was when I participated in a focus group. I had been called two weeks ago to see if I could join in this study. The NAR Public Policy Department was looking at the groups reaction to various different statements of policy. I  appreciate how difficult it must be to work with an organization as vast as NAR. We have members on every side of almost any issue you can imagine. I appreciate that NAR does this research.

The General Session was good. The Good Neighbors were inspiring. The Afterburners were the guest speaker. These former military leader are now management/performance consultants. Though the transparent marketing of themselves was sometimes off-putting, I have found myself referring back to the examples of what they were teaching since then.

The day wrapped up with a wonderful dinner with friends. Jack’s Place at the Rosen Plaza not only had good food, but it had an incredible collection of caricature art that the founder of the Rosen Hotel’s father did over a lifetime of working are the Waldorf Astoria. It was phenomenal.

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