Notes from BPI Class

BPI = Building Performance Institute

This class was full of good information. One thing that many of the 70 or so in the class took note of was that canned lights have holes. So the warm air from the house will go up into the attic. So on cold days, the moisture carried by the warm air will condense on the cold surfaces in the attic and can cause rot, mold, and other problems. The slides they showed demonstrated how the envelope of inside air has lost its integrity and often built incorrectly, wasting energy, money, and creating uncomfortable and unhealthy situations. IR cameras can be used to scan air flow to identify problem areas. There was a cool demonstration also. (Which was repeated on the expo floor at the GREEN pavilion.) They also showed how to use an extinguished candle to show potential leaks.

Fresh air should be by design. Not accidently bringing in the bad stuff through attics, spaces between joists, floors, and open chase areas. I see how a professional can spot these situations and make improvements.

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